Gender Role In Hanna Rosin's The End Of Men

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One night a father and his son were riding in their car during a heavy rain storm. The road was very slippery and the car ran into a tree. The man was fine, but the boy was knocked unconscious. Afterwards, the ambulance rushed the boy to the hospital, with his father by his side. The emergency personnel determined that the boy needed brain surgery immediately. A female surgeon in her mid-forties entered the emergency room. She was ready to help the boy, but his father asked for a male surgeon, because he believed that major surgeries should be done by male surgeons only, not female ones. At that moment, she was the only one who could help the little boy. Should the father have waited for a male doctor, even though his son could …show more content…
As Hanna Rosin, the author of “The End of Men” said, “Man has been the dominant sex since, well, the dawn of mankind. But for the first time in human history, that is changing-and with shocking speed” (474). In support of this point, Rosin quoted Ronald Ericsson, also known as “The Marlboro Man,” who said that, “Women live longer than men. They do better in this economy. More of ‘em graduate from college. They go into space and do everything men do, and sometimes they do it a whole lot better. I mean, hell, get out of the way- these females are going to leave us males in the dust” (473). In other words, there are more women enrolling in colleges and graduating now than there are men, and that they are moving in large numbers into the business, the professional, and the political fields. Today, there are more women in the workforce than men. Many women who are making most of the decisions at home are using those same skills at work in supervisory positions. It appears that in the future women will continue to dominate American society. Rosin stated that, “Of the 15 job categories projected to grow the most in the next decade in the U.S., all but two are occupied primarily by women”

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