Unequal Pay In The Workplace Essay

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Women have experienced harsh struggles and battles to demonstrate their potential of being a part of the workplace along with men. Women have been fighting this continuous battle of equal rights as men in the United States since the early 19th century. Before the Civil War, women role in society was the housewife, took care of the kids and the house while men were the breadwinners. During the 19th century, women took jobs in factories as in textile mills or work on an assembly line for manufacturers. Labor unions established by women to create equal rights among men such as wage. Women worked long hours in gruesome conditions and paid poorly. In World War 2, women pushed boundaries in the workforce, they took men’s occupations while men were …show more content…
There is an unexplained pay gap often categorized as the effect of discrimination on women’s earnings. Gender discrimination uses gender status, race, and occupation against women to contribute to the unequal pay gap in the workplace, we can pass laws to close the gap-electing officials who care about women and provide workplace policies/wage transparency to solve this problem.

Gender status is the public image of being a particular gender that a person presents to others, that is either masculine or feminine. Gender status is one of the forms of gender discrimination that helps to the unequal pay in the workplace. Being a woman is very difficult while living in a world that believes that it is a male dominant. In this generation, women are becoming the main breadwinners for their families, and have seen less of the housewife role. Then again, full-time women tend to get paid just 80 percent of what men were paid. That means women will been robbed $530,000 or less in their lifetime. Women are progressing in the workplace, that wouldn 't be imagined 50 years ago. Still, women tend to not be promoted to a high- paying position like men due to their gender status. Women seen as an assistant other than a

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