Gender representation in advert Essay

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Textual Investigation
Explore how gender is represented in Joop! Homme.
The slogan ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ denotes a naked man being embraced by a woman who is holding a bottle of Joop Homme. The representation of the man connotes a masculine confidence in wearing pink, a colour traditionally used to represent femininity. This suggests that the man is confident in his masculinity and that he doesn’t need colours like blue or black to show his masculinity and also that he is subverting the stereotype of male representation. Traditionally men were linked with colours like blue or bold colours, and girls were linked with pink or softer colours. The colour scheme of this advertisement contradicts traditional gender representations. Although
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It is suggested that women in advertising fall into five stereotypical groups: beauty bunny, the granny, the perfect mum, the fashionista, the alpha female. With this advert, the representation of the woman would be hard to fit into any of these as she is almost an accessory. She is draped around him like a scarf.
Even though the font in the ad where it says ‘Real Men Wear Pink’ is in pink writing, it still gives out an masculine feel because the font uses a bold stencil type of look and usually adverts with stencil writing represents grittiness and fearlessness. It uses a sans serif font which keeps the detail to a minimum. This refers back to how the man in this ad can still show his masculinity even with feminine colours. His masculinity is enough in itself to attract women.
The gender representation in this ad shows a sharp contrast to the 50s advert and the Joop advert yet there are still some similarities between the two adverts such as how the woman is holding onto the man in a way that suggests that he is the reason for her happiness. However, she looks a more innocent and less sexualised representation of women than the woman in the Joop advert. Another similarity is how the man is using direct gaze to the audience but also in a less overtly sexualised way than the Joop advert. One of the most obvious differences is how the representation of men is shown because in the Joop advert

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