Gender Representation : Gender And Gender Essay

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Currently in the United States people are imprisoned within the binary of two genders. Someone can either be a male or a female, and depending on the gender a person is they are expected to act and look a certain way. These gender binaries are so prevalent in our lives; it is to the point where a large group of Americans are being overlooked. This group of Americans identify as transgender, which means they do not fit society’s expectations of how a specific gender should look and behave. (, 2012). When using a bathroom a person is most likely only offered with two choices, men’s and women’s. By only giving the choice of using a Men’s or a Women’s bathroom has further enforces the gender binary: “In the moment that one must choose between two doors—one marked “men” and one marked “women”—the binary construction of gender is never more blatantly enforced” (Herman, 2012, p.25). This in turn leads to inadequate bathroom access for transgendered people throughout the United States. These are the people who do not fit societies gender norms and they are being isolated, because of this. Bathrooms are a necessary part of one’s life, as are the roles that are ascribed to both of the gender binaries. It is these expectations and roles associated with the gender that are causing the insufficient bathroom access for transgendered people. The people that identify as transgender are not meeting the stands that society deems appropriate for their gender, because of this…

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