Gender Representation And Gender Identity Essay

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Third sex
Indeed, social institutions such as the law, medicine and other agents of socialisation shape how people define sexuality concerning gender identity and norms (Foucault, 2012). As the Western culture “thinks in binary categories” (Ochs, 1996: 224), the existence of other sexual and gender identities are denied and discriminated against, such as “third sex” people. Individuals who are “third sex” have a gender identity that does not fit neatly into the categories of ‘male’ and ‘female’, and may have fluid sexual identities. In many cultures around the world, people are allowed to live their lives as an alternative or “third sex” (Zavellos, 2013). The assumption that “third sex” individuals have freedom from the gender binary is not necessarily always the case (Ochs, 1996). Some “third sexes” like transgender people are likely to face particular challenges in living out their sexualities. In particular, in societies which refuse to recognise their gender identities, with high rates of rape and sexual violence from law enforcement and others, and discrimination by sexual health services, transgender people may struggle to negotiate their own sexual interactions (Ilkkaracan & Jolly, 2007). In addition, transgender people may face labour market discrimination when sex work may be the only means to generate income (Ilkkaracan & Jolly, 2007). More importantly, transgender and like many “third sex” people, can struggle to affirm their sense of self with lovers who see…

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