Gender Inequality In The Media

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Name the media you are discussing in this paper. What does Kimmel have to say about this kind of media as both reflecting gender difference and producing gender inequality?

I have always been a fan of the hit TV show Friends. Over the summer it took me about a month and a half to complete the 10 years worth of 24 minute episodes. There were some things that I noticed about the show after completing the series, which will be discussed in this paper.

As Kimmel mentions in the times of the Ed Sullivan show, there were plenty of stereotypes within TV culture. He states “male characters were more courageous and active, fighting crime and solving mysteries. Female characters were caring but befuddled housewives who occasionally ventures outside the home only to realize that they really loved baking cookies” (Kimmel 324). This is the basis of what he explained to be his & hers TV shows, meaning, the men would watch Maverick while the women would indulge in Betty Crocker Star Matinee. Fastforwarding to the 90’s, the idea of his & hers TV shows have been nearly debunked. Kimmel mentions
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The men, however, are pretty heavily stereotyped. Ross is a man who got married and divorced three times, often dated, often talked about dating, and as I said before - became the professor who briefly dated his student. Joey is a woman hungry man who enjoys having multiple sexual partners at the same time. He’s also what you’d call the stereotypical Italian man: mama’s boy, protective over his sisters but no regard for the women he dates just to have sex with, smooth talker, loves pasta. Chandler doesn’t really do that - he’s the only male character who didn’t go completely bonkers and get caught up in hormones. He had long time girlfriends despite a few in between, and ended up marrying and having a healthy family with

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