Gender Inequality And The House Of Commons Essay

982 Words Oct 26th, 2016 4 Pages
Just like racism and homophobia, sexism will never completely disappear. Though sexism still lingers, as a society, Canada has never been more gender equal than it is now in present day. Unfortunately, there are still cases where specific genders are targeted for discrimination. The current percentage of women in the House of Commons is approximately 26% (Women in Politics). Clearly there is an under representation of the female population within the House, but should appointment of members be based on merit or on gender quota? The disproportionate gender balance in society, which co-relates to the House of Commons female population, is a result of factors such as… The one obvious difference between the genders is biological makeup. Through generations of evolution, the male has naturally developed different skills and traits than that of his female counterpart and vice versa. These biological roles are one key factor to how and why there is gender inequality. One relation is that most jobs which accommodate a female gender role happen to be lower paying wages (The Facts); Various ‘female gender roles’ include: cooking, cleaning, and raising children. As a result of low wages, the percentage of women without families has increased (The Facts) thus slowly increasing the female workforce. In addition, a female usually must adopt more manly traits in order to succeed in male dominated fields. Certainly there are many women who have the potential to become members in the House…

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