Gender Inequality And Sexual Inequality Essay

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8. Afghan Policewomen, (Gender Inequality/ Sexual Inequality): Is gender inequality linked to sexual inequality? First let’s review what gender inequality is; it’s the unequal treatment of individuals based on their gender. The book discusses how women and girls are more likely to be involved in domestic violence rather than men, it also brings up the sexual harassment of women in the work place. A majority of both of these situations aren’t recorded or filed. I provided an article covering an Afghan Policewoman who was shot eleven times for being an officer. She was one of six other women killed in 2013. It was a prime example of gender inequality in Afghanistan. In 2001 women were expected to be accompanied by a man and covered head to toe with a burqa. As of 2015, women are beginning to attend school along with an increase in women’s health care. This type of society assumed that women would speak up about sexual abuse if there were women on the police force. With this pro, it also had a con along with it, women on the task force were being sexually abused but kept quiet to help others and to maintain a steady income for their families. There’s another article in the textbook on page 175 that will give you more information discussing this story as well. I feel that women should be able to work in a comfortable work environment as well as feeling comfortable reporting anything…

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