Gender And Biological Differences

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In everyday life society shapes each individual into who they become or into what/who they should be; living in a society where there are rules, which dictate who we are or determine the way we do things. People are placed into categories that are considered “appropriate”, due to their sex, gender, race, social economic status, etc. if one doesn’t fit the norm for their “appropriate category then they are out cased from their “appropriate” category. Such as when it comes to the topic of gender. As defined gender is, the state of being male or female, but however the term gender disregard ones’ biological differences. Within society gender is used as a verb to describe or determine the characteristics of how a person should be either a man or …show more content…
There isn’t a day that goes by and you don’t think about “doing gender”, sometimes it becomes part of the natural aspect and sometimes when you catch yourself when your not doing gender and make accurate corrections. For an example, I preform gender daily such as when there is a door to be open. If a male is in front of me, I expect him to open the door. For that is what we are taught within our social makeup. For a woman shouldn’t have to open her own door, if a man is around. There are also simply things that I catch myself from doing when around male friends such as belching; I wouldn’t dare doing that in front of them. This shows the stigma of what is to be lady like, when in fact we are all just humans and preform the same bodily functions. I preform gender on an everyday bias to the point it goes unnoticed, however ones cultural upbringing also plays a part of what is it to do gender and the assign roles one has for being a female and what it is to be a male. I know I prefer my gender, female everyday when it comes to getting myself ready every morning. I’ll spend time getting dressed and fixing myself every morning; for the perception it is the women job that they are well dressed before they leave the home. Within the works of Naomi Wolf, “The Beauty Myth”; this scholar was able to express the importance of beauty that is held at a standard for women. Society pay attention to females physical appearance rather what they can offer to the company within the cooperate world. This issue was so prevalent there were cases appointed in both Great Britain and United States that institutionalized jobs have discriminated women due to there appearance, as stated within the article, “The Beauty

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