Gender, Gender And Sexual, Non Binary, And Gender Nonconforming Identities

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“Everyone—including transgender people—should be treated equally under the law. Like all nondiscrimination protections, trans-inclusive policies don’t require anyone to change their religious beliefs: they simply ensure that transgender people can live, work, study and participate in public life according to their identities (tansequality).” Bathroom access for trans* people has recently become a recently growing topic of debate. The asterisk after trans includes transgender, non-binary, and gender nonconforming identities. As defined by merrian-webster, someone who identifies as transgender means they are “a person who identifies with or expresses a gender identity that differs from the one which corresponds to the person 's sex at birth (webster)” Passing laws such as the House Bill 2, will only perpetuate the hate crimes, and draw a bigger gap between people of low-income families. Furthermore, these laws and hate crime that continuously do not always clarify the difference between gender and sex. Sex is more focused on the biological aspects of a human, while gender is brought on due to societal norms. In order to continue oppressing trans* people, North Carolina passed the House Bill 2 or HB2. Many supporters of this bill believe that it will help to prevent sexual predators from attacking women in their bathrooms. It is believed that most people “dress up” as a transgender person to assault victims, or to stalk them into the restroom. Alison Gill, vice chair of…

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