Gender, Gender And Gender Norms Essay

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It is rare to find a Hollywood film that doesn’t show bland, overused characters who are confined to act according to their gender. More often than not, lead males act as heroes who, by the end of the film, meet their goal and are awarded with their female love interest. The female leads are frequently just that- love interests. If they’re not, they’re passive victims waiting to be rescued by the masculine hero, only there to provide pointless conflict. Hollywood has focused on maintaining gender norms and in doing so, have either forgotten, or more likely overlooked transgendered individuals. Tangerine (2015) serves as a positive representation of the transgendered community through its defiance of gender norms, its bridging of the gender dichotomy, and its subversion of conventional filmmaking techniques.
The notion that men and women should behave according to their gender roles has been ingrained into the subconscious of many. Tangerine defies gender norms through its portrayal of gender fluid characters. A great example of a character who possesses both masculine and feminine character traits is the main character, Sindee (Kitana Kiki Rodriguez). The film begins with Sindee, a transgendered prostitute, getting out of jail and finding out that her pimp boyfriend has been cheating on her. In finding the girl that her boyfriend cheated on her with, Sindee proves to be a strong and independent lead character. This contrasts the typical feminine character as “... femininity…

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