Gender, Gender And Gender Identity Essay

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As society is getting further and further along; everything is starting to change. New roles are devolving and people are different thus families and how they are structured are different. A huge issue hitting countries everywhere, but especially the United States, are issues relating to gender recognition and roles of gender, and how that plays into family structure. It is an underlying problem that very few are will to address with vigor. In most cases it is ignored and pushed under the rug because it goes against social norms and values. Gender and its identity are very complex, and have caused many issues for almost everyone. Gender roles and identity is a huge problem American families face; gender identity and sexuality doesn’t really effect home life as many would think, and to help break these ideals, this topic needs to be brought up, taught, and remember when talking about families
To those who see there is no problem, they need to take a look at the very idea of gender itself; the best way to start this is off is looking at the idea of masculinity. There is a huge pressure on men to be “masculine” or “manly” (Sweeney, 2014). When this idea is personified to the extreme, it is referred hyper-masculinity. As common knowledge, society expects boys to be strong and powerful; any sign of weakness in men is a fault and often considered less manly. This promotion of masculinity in a way promotes violence for what are perceived as men, and this idea of being “manly” has…

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