Gender, Gender And Gender Equality Essay example

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Growing up as gender neutral in a society where a gender binary is widely expected may be incredibly emotionally challenging. At birth, doctors, parents, and families either wrap a newborn baby in a pink or blue blanket. Immediately, the baby is immersed in society’s demand of a female or male identification. An intersex baby, who is born with androgynous genitals, is both, and neither. If I had an intersex baby, I would be shocked, worried, and afraid of what the baby would experience as intersex growing up in a gender dichotomous society. Because growing up gender neutral is almost impossible and potentially harmful to the child, I would assign the child to the female gender. However, I would not allow any immediate genital reassignment surgery, a procedure in which surgeons permanently alter the tissue for cosmetic purposes. I believe the baby has the right to consent to any physical alteration of their own body. Because the effects of the surgery could never be undone, the child should be granted time to make the incredibly personal and life altering decision themselves. An intersex person has a condition in which their genitalia is neither physically male or female, due to a lack of differentiation by their hormones (Hines 22). Because of this lack of differentiation, doctors are unable to assign the child as male or female based on their genitalia at birth. Some doctors offer gender reassignment surgery in which the intersex baby’s genitals are surgically transformed…

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