Gender, Gender And Cultural Values Essay

1884 Words Nov 17th, 2014 8 Pages
Over time, cultural values are changing and so does perception of gender. The way we define ourselves is mainly influenced by family and the culture we live in. In the United States, gender identity is shaped by family,economy and social environment. The most significant years of gender formation are the first few years of our lives-where we learn to be masculine versus feminine, learn to like specific sexual orientation, and perhaps anything that will impact the identity we will exhibit. Every society classifies people based on gender and assigns different norms to each group. Our society consist of only two legal genders, anything in between is considered deviant. As our culture and economy changes, values and norms seem to follow this change as well. We live in a time where gender roles are changing due to economical freedom women have gained. Gender is an achieved status while sex differences are ascribed. The formation of gender begins with simple classification of genitals, based on that we are labeled as a girl or boy. This label is then marked by clothing and name given by parents. Thus making parents building blocks of gender formation. When a child is capable to talk he/ she can identify their gender. Sexual preferences are formed before puberty, but begins to be expressed at that stage. Parents, siblings and surrounding people shape the perception on what is acceptable and what isn 't. Thus we are not necessarily born with sexual preferences or the behavior we…

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