Gender Factors In The Lion King

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Disney is known for producing well-rounded children’s movies that promote high moral standards. Children think the story of The Lion King is about a young cub, Simba, who looses his father but returns to Pride Rock to save the Kingdom his father once ruled. However, behind this tale, there are political undertones (Hierarchy and race in Disney- Lion King). For instance, in The Lion King, lions are successful because they know how to rule. They have gender norms, they know the appropriate time to use force versus negation, they have “swagger”, are muscular and are at the top of the food chain (Wlm5086). They are also depicted as the wisest and most composed of the species. Lions keep the circle of life in order. The lion hierarchy depicts the …show more content…
He believes that the needs of Pride Rock are also the needs of the world. He thinks the circle of life works for everyone and is the best way to govern a society. The idea of all animals working together lets Mufasa believes that a society based on “the circle of life” can function in any place under any species. Mufasa treats Pride Rock as the end all be all (not sure if you need this sentence). He believes the needs and issues of his society are the needs and issues of the …show more content…
Scar states in the beginning of the film to his brother, Mufasa, “as far as brains go, I got the lion 's share. But, when it comes to brute strength... I 'm afraid I 'm at the shallow end of the gene pool” (The Lion King) Scar knows he cannot be as strong as his brother so he plays to his strength, which is his brain. Scar utilizes “compelling use of force” twice to become king of Pride Rock. The first example of Scar using “compelling use of force” (or non-physical and physical modes) is demonstrated when he places Simba, his nephew, in a stampede and tells Mufasa that his son is going to be trampled to death. Mufasa, as the heroic figure, jumps into the stampede to save his son from the charging animals. He manages to save his son, but is killed in the process. Scar then only has one thing in his way from being king, Simba. Scar lets Simba think that he killed his own father and tells Simba, who is still a young cub “run away and never return.” (The Lion King) Simba leaves Pride Rock because he is so ashamed and disappointed in himself, thinking he is the reason for his father’s death. Scar compels Mufasa to save his son, which ends up in costing Mufasa his life, and Simba to leave Pride Rock so that he can become king

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