Gender Expectations : The Eyes Of Society Essay

2062 Words Nov 1st, 2016 9 Pages
Through the eyes of society, everyone has a set role they are expected to fulfill and certain characteristics they are supposed to exemplify. These roles and characteristics, this discourse, tells everyone how they should act and how they should speak. Discourse is what sets the standards for what is acceptable and not acceptable in society. For women, it is the role of the mother. In our culture, that means raising the children, completing the household chores, and cooking all of the meals for her family. Women are typically thought of as being demure and polite, small in stature, and submissive to the male gender. In the reverse, men also have certain roles that they are expected to fill and characteristics they are supposed to exemplify. Men are expected to be strong, dominant, and in charge of their families. They are often depicted, both in the media and in life, as the leaders. These characteristics and roles are not explicitly stated as rules or guidelines, but nevertheless, are expected by society. Gender expectations are all around us: they are subliminally depicted through the mothers and fathers in our favorite TV shows, and also by our own mothers and fathers. This discourse, that we all live in, can frequently be seen in Svava Jakobsdottir’s “A Story for Children.” The short story tells the tale of a woman as she raises her children and takes care of her household. The mother is completely devoted to her children and seeks to fulfill her role in the home to the…

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