Gender Expectation And Its Effect On A Person 's Life Essay

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For the past five years, my grandmother has asked one simple question, " When are you going to learn how to cook ?" Her reason behind the question is that she believes women have the responsibility to cook for their husbands. Although my grandmothers reason is reasonable, my answer is fairly simple, "I do not want to cook." The answer provokes frustration on my grandmother. One simple question has the power to begin a family feud. Cesar [ my boyfriend] said, "Your grandmother is right, it is essential that you learn how to cook. However, her reasons are wrong, you should learn how to cook for yourself and not for anyone else." Gender expectation is designed to categorize activities according to a genders capacity of performance. Expectations are based on traditions and beliefs that a person has attained throughout their life. There is a variety of gender expectation that are continuously affect males and females life ' throughout the world. Therefore, solutions and recommendations are given to reduce the effect it has on a persons life Gender expectation is based according to a set of ideas and beliefs that two generations have set for males and females. Women have a maternal instinct; Their job is to be at home taking care of the children. Men are strong, they are able to handle hard labor; therefore, jobs were only given to men. The idea of men having jobs and women being at home are the type of beliefs older generations have. Although these ideas and beliefs…

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