Gender Equality In Pop Culture

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“Someday your prince will come!” What does this say to women today? Yeah, go ahead and waste your time waiting on some guy to come and take care of you…Why would you try and do something for yourself when there will be a man to do it for you? Pop culture of today has brought with it the idea that women are, and should be, dependent upon men. Women are not meant to overpower men, they are not meant to anything but sit and wait on a man to come and take control of their very lives. The movies and TV shows of pop culture today have portrayed women as desperate, socially incapable creatures who are either overly emotional or emotionless and even despite the public push for gender equality have no real chance of equaling the success of a man, and …show more content…
When women show their emotions, which are often more flagrant than their male counterparts, they are often humiliated for being a “sissy” or “too sensitive”. And on the other hand, women who do not adhere to the predetermined characteristics of a true woman, involving a loving and nurturing disposition, are said to be cold hearted and insensitive. In the blockbuster movie, The Hunger Games, Katniss, the stoic heroine must act more like the charismatic Peeta, her male companion. In this instance the woman is portrayed as cold and unfeeling and the public despises her for it, whereas the man is warm and charismatic, attracting the support of many people. In contrast to the coldhearted female character of The Hunger Games, in the hit TV show, House, Dr. Lisa Cuddy is criticized by Dr. Gregory House for having a clouded judgment due to her emotional status as a new mother. In this TV show the woman encounters the other catch: being too emotional for her own good. Pop culture of today is created a stalemate between the acceptable ranges of a woman’s emotions. Being overly emotional is embarrassing but indifference is unacceptable, giving new meaning to being between a rock and a hard place for women in pop culture

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