Gender Equality Essay Examples

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Gender Equality
Gender equality refers to a situation or state where access to opportunities and rights is not influenced by gender. This can only be achieved if across all aspects in the society such as decision making and economic participation is enjoyed by both men and women equally. Hence different needs of women and men, aspirations and behaviors should be equally favored and valued. On the other hand racial equality refers to treating individuals morally; legally and politically equal irrespective of their racial characteristics since it is a belief that different racial groups are equal thus none is inferior or superior in virtue, beauty and intelligence. In United States of America racial equality is heavily linked to
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Thus due to the rise in companies that needed manpower slavery trade emerged so as to provide workers to the industries hence increase in the Southern modernization such as expansion in manufacturing and agricultural activities influenced racial inequality. Slavery in the US has been seen to be the greatest injustice in the American history because it was violet and degraded human beings. American slavery practice had the perception and belief that blacks were subhuman thus it therefore crushed basic human relations where the husband left his parents, children and wife for slavery so as to work in the American industries. It therefore indicated that liberty was solely denied to individuals by reason of race. In 1808 importation of slaves into US was outlawed so as to respect each other race since we are all equal. The main aim of outlawing slavery and respecting different racial characteristics is to basically ensure all human beings regardless of their race were treated fairly and subjected to same working and social conditions (Rothenberg, Paula …show more content…
Under the English Common Law, women were never allowed to own property since they were only legally married to their husbands. During the American Revolution doors for women were opened they are able to claim an active role in public society. They become leaders in their communities by participating in the politics by boycotting goods that came from Britain and overseeing their farms. They were also involved in War 1812 where they helped their husbands by deputizing them and serving as nurses. Although they were involved in the development local society and economic activities they were never allowed to vote. Quest for freedom was made by Jefferson, Montesquieu, Voltaire and others where their central focus in to challenge divine rights and tyranny hence women began to question the perception about the tyranny of men over women. Thus the French Revolution challenged the existence of social inequalities which led to opening of doors for women in fighting for equality. Thus in 1900 there were enormous changes across the United States where the lives of women were altered so as to remain relevant in the society and become independent beings instead of depending on their husbands hence they were able to find work in various industries ( The main aim of protests from women activists was to improve their wage and working

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