Essay on Gender Discrimination And Its Impact On Society

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Although today society claims women as more equalized, the standardized expectations of their communities indicates opportunities for exploitation. In the general sense, society discriminates against women based on their ethics and their inability to succumb to societal expectations. Factors such as the government, other female influences, societal concepts, including preconceived beliefs about beauty and perfection, different cultural backgrounds, and gender supremacy play major roles in the limitations set for women in a society. Moreover, even when women attempt to deny the biases set in a society, they are boxed into different categories and are viewed in discriminatory ways.
Gender discrimination, especially with women, begins with seemingly inoffensive stereotypes. Being associated with the term femininity, women are made into commodities. Men as well are recognized by their masculine counterparts. However, the severity in which women are labeled based on their femininity is greater than that of men who are labeled based on their masculinity because men are the simpler of the two. The categorization of women is solely based on the many codes of morality that society sets. For example, the common fact that women can reproduce incites assumptions that women are natural caregivers and that their main job is to cater to and nurture, therefore labeling them as only mothers and wives.
Deborah Tannen overviews the standards at which women are judged in society. Tannen’s…

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