Essay about Gender Discrimination Against Female Sex

833 Words May 11th, 2015 4 Pages
One of the most sensitive subjects throughout modern times has always been the differences of the two sexes. We joke about them, argue about them, debate about them, fight about them, including many empires waging war based on them. There are so many stereotypes at play on both ends of this ongoing debate: “Men are strong and women are weak,” “Men can’t cook compared to women,” “Men are the bread-winners, while women belong in the home,” and many others that mostly have become cliché by this point. Unfortunately we still do not appear to have progressed beyond these types of generalizations. Although we as Americans like to say every man, woman, and child is equal, there exists both past and current examples of work discrimination against the female sex, both here at home and abroad, that must be addressed before we can claim that gender equality has been achieved. Let’s begin by taking a look at this subject in our own country. If we are to honestly analyze our treatment of women and girls since the founding of our country Americans cannot truthfully claim immunity against gender discrimination in our own timeline. Consider that it was not until the passing of the 19th Amendment in 1920 that American women gained the right to vote. Even after the amendment was implemented there was ongoing activities by opposition designed to prevent women from voting that utilized intimidation or discrimination efforts. Also women were not really encouraged to work outside of the home…

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