Gender Differences Among Males, And Intersex Persons Essay

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“"Sex" refers to physical or physiological differences among males, females, and intersex persons, including both their primary and secondary sex characteristics. “Gender," on the other hand, refers to social or cultural distinctions associated with a given sex.”-Gender and Sociology by As stated, that is what we randomly assigned since new born as naturally picked and never be changed no matter how better the today’s technology get. Coming along with that is how gender form up into the society and start receiving their own role as a responsibility. However, how does that really bend together as the need of gender equality always in search?
As a baby was born, every guardian will lead them on the way that social been follow for generations. For instant, girl will keep long hair, have girly character with every need to be gentle and neat while boys on the other hand always easier to dress up, less worry and mean to be active. Years go by as this preparation became the living way that the assigned gender person have to follow for entire life. The going against will be consider as awkward and receive negative feedback from the surrounding. For instant, a boy wearing make-up and skirt walking on the street will receives uncommon reaction from public. From there, we see the connection among the two even when sex and gender are physically and mentally different with any perspective. Follow by, we now have the gender role assigned based on the sex that naturally…

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