Gender Deviance In The Round House By Louise Erdrich

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What is Deviance? Deviance is often described as doing something that does not follow social norms. It can be positive or negative. In the book, “ The Round House” by Louise Erdrich, deviance is portrayed throughout the book in several negative ways. It is especially used against the main character 's mother named Geraldine when she is brutally raped by a white male. This act of violence brought out a main theme of this book which is gender inequality. In short, this novel shows the deviant act a white male commits and the reality of how difficult it is to be a indian woman in the 1980’s in North Dakota.
To begin with, Geraldine’s rape defines deviance to a great extent because her rights as a woman are violated. The act of violence happened
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After going out to look for her and seeing that she was already on her way home they drove back and returned the car they borrowed from Joe 's aunt clemence then peacefully walked back home. Suddenly, when they return home they find her in the car full of blood with vomit all over her. They rush her to the hospital where later Joe comes to find out she had been raped. Later on, Geraldine remembers more and Joe and his father find out the rape occurred at the roundhouse which is supposed to be a spiritual place on the reservation. It happened when Mayla Wolfskin, a client of Geraldine contacted her to meet her at the roundhouse because she was being pursued. When Geraldine arrived to the roundhouse they were both harassed by Linden Lark who is described as a white, racist drunk. Linden told Geraldine that he would murder both Maya and her baby if she told anyone or tried to escape. Geraldine was then able to escape but falls into deep depression afterwards. This act is wrong for many reasons. For example, Linden hurt her and violated her rights even though he knew the damage he was causing. Not even a man would want to be attacked the way Geraldine was so this act …show more content…
The fact that Geraldine was a woman influenced the rape in multiple ways because she was considered an easy target. For example, when Joe is talking to Linda who is Linden Larks sister she tells him “He hated your family, I mean, your father mostly” (299). In other words, Linden Lark especially hated Geraldine 's husband but he still choose to attack Geraldine because he knew she was weaker. Also, in one instance Linden Lark talks down to Geraldine and Mayla who are both indian woman during the attack where Geraldine says said to them, “ He said we have no standing under the law for a good reason and yet have continued to diminish the white man and take his honor” (161). In other words, Linden basically told them that they don’t have as much power as a white male but they still try to ruin him. I felt that this showed the way Linden felt that woman would never be as powerful or better than him. In short, Linden attacked Geraldine because she was a woman and he believes women are

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