Gender As Resistance : Social Structure And Personality Essay

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Chapter thirty-seven, titled Doing Gender as Resistance; presents itself and its ideas by analyzing two very different restaurants in the United States of America in the early 2000’s; the “Family” and “Concept” Restaurants. Author of the chapter, Chauntelle Anne Tibbals; compares the number of employees, dress codes, modes of self-presentation amongst other gender roles and expectations that arose throughout her study. Alongside the comparison between the two restaurants; Tibbals’ sheds light unto the personalities of those employed at the restaurants; and the ways they conformed to meet work standards. This short critique will examine the chapter in further detail with reflections back to material from the class Sociology 210: Social Structure and Personality. An analysis of crucial points within the chapter will enhance my personal understanding of the chapter, and help to decipher areas which relate to everyday life.
Crucial and Vital Chapter Points
One point which author Tibbals’ made quite clear was the fact that both restaurants had strict dress codes which employees were to abide by. With such, the Family Restaurant gave a little more room for self-expression; whereas the Concept Restaurant was quite strict in its guidelines. This stated, there is one point which must be made of mention. Author Tibbals’ describes a time where a particular server used their “sexuality” as a means of service. This notion, is one in which is objectifying of women; placing…

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