Gender And Socio Gender Diversity Essay

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Gender and Socio – Economic Diversity in the Classroom
What is diversity? According to Merriam- Webster diversity is the state of having several different forms, types, and ideas. On the other hand, education defines diversity as anything that is different from what society has deemed customary (eLearn Portal). The classroom is the mecca for diversity amongst students, as each student is unique and different. Diversity in the classroom identifies several issues that all teachers should be aware of, they include race and ethnicity, socio- economic status, gender, age and exceptionalities, religion, language, and learning styles (eLearn Portal). This paper will focus on gender and socio- economic diversities, the negative impacts they can have on students, and positive reinforcements educators can use to correct the issues and improve the education experience for students.
Gender Diversity
Gender diversity was once a term that distinguished males from females. Today gender diversity encompasses new component that deals with gender identity (Gender Diversity). An identity is the characteristics that make each person unique. However, society has created normalcies that distinctly separate “what is male” from “what is female”. Students who identify with characteristics of the opposite sex fit into this new category of gender diversity. For example, gender identity could include a young boy who plays with dolls and prefers to wear dresses, as opposed to Tonka trunks and…

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