Gender And Sexuality : A Social Science Related Perspective Essay

1987 Words Apr 27th, 2015 8 Pages
Sex, gender and sexuality have been heated and controversial topics in both social science and anthropology. With the development of society, new problems and issues, in conjunction with existent ones, cause confusions in human beings ' ultimate understanding about the topics. This essay aims to explore the reasons and drivers behind two issues related to the topic of sexuality, based on a social science related perspective. The first part of the essay attempts to discuss the concept of social construction and how it got misinterpreted by people in the very beginning and whether it represents a specific direct denial of biological variation between males and females. The second part of the essay attempts to explore into the phenomenon that increasing amount of people are perceiving gender and sexuality as replaceable terms and how sexuality gradually becomes a social construction similar to gender. While there is no absolute right or wrong answers as conclusion to the issues discussed, the subtle influences and associations among the topics and issues will be specified.

The topics about gender and sexuality has been controversial over time. According to Johnson, Greaves and Repta (2007), for more than a decade, researchers such as Lorber (2005) have challenged the public to reconsider the ways of which terms such as gender and sex are used in research. In the meantime, some of the health researchers have been using sex and gender in their research and often referring to…

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