Gender And Sex : A Sociological Perspective Essay

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Although the words sex and gender are often used interchangeably, they have two different meanings from a sociological perspective. Sex is a biological characteristic that determines whether someone is a male or a female (Carter 2011). Gender, however, is socially constructed based on definitions as to what is “masculine” or “feminine” (Carter 2011). This paper delves into the social forces that can influence gender in any culture. Social forces include anything that is a part of the social environment such as organizations, group memberships, family, and the media.
The difference between gender and sex has become a debate in society as to what exactly the difference is between the two words. Through using the theory of symbolic interactionism and Charles Cooley’s related concept of the looking-glass self, I will explore and analyze the topic of gender versus sex from a deeper sociological stand point. I will then offer a solution as to how the gender versus sex debate can be settled to potentially create more equality in the world.
REVIEW OF LITERATURE From a sociological perspective, the words gender and sex have two completely different meanings. According to many sociologists and researchers, gender is something that is a social construction. Among all findings that I have gathered, there seems to be a common theme that we develop our understandings of gender roles through socialization. Socialization is the process through which we learn the rules of…

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