Essay on Gender And Gender Roles And Sexuality

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Human Classifications

Humans are special. We have separated ourselves from nature. This has given us the ability, and seemingly endless mission to scrutinize, and eventually classify everything we interact with. We have created structure for nearly everything in the observable universe, even ourselves, though the latter has proven to be a trickier endeavor. There are continuing debates over these categories we have placed ourselves in to. Some of the ways in which we classify ourselves have to do with genetic variation between populations, while others involve the struggle through self-identification through gender roles and sexuality. These challenges we face in trying to classify ourselves can be attributed to the source material we are basing our arguments off of, varying interpretations and ideas of identity, and the physical evidence that we have had the chance to obtain. First, let us begin with the classification of gender roles in modern and pre-modern societies. The idea of gender has meant different things to different cultures throughout time. Much of our modern world, and Western culture in particular has focused on a two gender system, between male and female. With only two strict categories, many problems with classification arise when societies attempt to define those that don 't identify with one gender or the other, or fall outside the established "norm." Often, these people are lumped into a third category focusing on the biological aspects of gender,…

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