Gender And Gender Identity Disorder Essay

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Gender Identity Disorder

In today’s society, there are very clear-cut pictures of how males and females should act. Gender roles are certain norms associated with sex that involve social and behavioral aspects. As young children, we do not necessarily understand those stereotypes or gender roles (Bradley and Zucker, 3). Weather they are enforced by the parents or not. Many young children go through “phases” or periods of time in which they like to act on tendencies of the opposite sex. However, not every child grows out of them, those children are known to have Gender identity Disorder or transsexualism (Psychology Today, 1). Gender identity disorder can also be known as gender dysphoria. It is diagnosed as a person who is unhappy with the gender and sex they were assigned at birth and wishes to be the opposite gender. It can only be diagnosed when symptoms have been going on for at least two years. Gender dysphoria is classified as a medical condition. Common symptoms that would reflect on a child having this would be they show disgust with their own genitals, the hope that when they grow up they will become the opposite sex, and they will constantly express verbally their desire to be the opposite sex. These kids will cross dress, wearing clothing that the opposite sex would normally wear. In these cases, the children would prefer to play with the opposite sex and participate in games and activities that they would. (Psychology Today, 3) Having Gender identity disorder…

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