Gender And Cultural Background On Domestic Violence Essays

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For the small percentage of women of color who end up in prison for violent offenses, this is usually due to domestic violence within homes or relationships, in which these women must physically defend themselves and their children from their attackers. “Socioeconomic status and cultural background significantly influence the impact of domestic violence,” and determines who is more susceptible to becoming victims and who has access to protective resources (Solinger et al. 265). Often times, these women have grown accustomed and sometimes desensitized to abusive environments, and may have even experienced it while growing (Women Behind Bars). They are ultimately criminalized for defending themselves against physical abuse and once inside prison, “go from the prison created by their abusive partners to one run by the state, where staff members’ tactics of control mirror the abuse the women experienced by their batterers” (338). It is these offenses in which women will serve the longest amount of time for, while they are also continuously denied parole, as most states do not protect a woman’s right to defend herself against an abusive partner or family member. Even now, states refuse to acknowledge just how prevalent domestic violence occurs against women, and “all states have expanded police power to arrest in domestic violence cases without witnessing the crime or requiring victims to file complaints” Kathleen J Ferraro quotes in Neither Angels or Demons (46). They are then…

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