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Growing up is a complex and puzzling task for every teenager or adolescent. One important feature is creating one's sexual identity. All teenagers explore and experiment sexually as part of normal development. These sexual experiments may be with members of the same or opposite sex. For many teenagers, thinking about or experimenting with the same sex may cause nervousness and concerns regarding their sexual orientation. Most teenagers have been brought up to think that homosexuality is

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Some people who study human sexuality believe that sexuality is a result of genetics or social and individual factors. A common misunderstanding is that troubled family relationships cause people to be homosexual, but no scientific research supports that. Everyone needs to understand that sexual orientation is not a mental disorder. A person's sexual orientation is not a matter of choice. Individuals have no more choice about being homosexual or bisexual than heterosexual. Many people are arguing that it has to do with the whole "nature vs. nuture" debate. The nature side argues that homosexuals have different hormonal mechanisms, gene type, or brain structure. The nurture side argues that the environment writes on the developing child like someone writing on a blank piece of paper. As many potential causes there are, there is no proof to any of these yet.
The Main Problems
One of the first misconceptions about gays and lesbians is that they all fit into a stereotype. Gay men are girly and lesbians are manly. That's not true at all. The captain of the football team could be gay just as much as the head cheerleader could be gay. Straight men could be girly and not be gay. You just never know. Another misconception is that gay men molest children. Actually, the group most likely to molest children is heterosexual males. Most parents tend to think that the only place that their children could get molested is in
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