Gawain And The Green Knight Analysis

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When a mysterious stranger walks in one Christmas at Camelot, he challenges any knight grant him a game and prove the valor of King Arthurs court. The Green knight sets a standard of bravery and honor just as Christ calls people to a higher state of existence. In both life and Gawain’s quest the "challengers or teachers" appear unrecognized to test the integrity of people who profess to live according to the higher standard. In the end of life Christ comes openly to judge every person, when Gawain faces his challenger, the green knight strikes three times to gauge his valor. Christ and the Green knight both test to see if the people called hold true. To people who fall short but repent, Christ is ever-forgiving, when Gawain is faced with his …show more content…
He calls himself the Green Knight and issues a challenge to anyone who has the bravery to make an agreement with him. To strike him a blow then and there, and present himself in a years time at the Green Chapel to accept a blow in return. The knight bears his neck without flinching for Gawain’s blow, when his head falls, he rises back up, challenging Gawain to have the same courage and honor to his word. Like the Green Knight, Christ came down to earth to present a challenge or set a new standard for living a virtuous life. He is willing to give his life for what he believes and fulfill his purpose. “But when it was now the midst of the feast Jesus went up into the temple, and began to teach.” (John 7:14), calling people to fulfill and act on what they say they believe. He presented the teachings to love God completely, and “love your neighbors as your self” which are not new, but all encompassing of the laws Moses received. Just like the Green Knight who calls the knights to prove the bravery and loyalty they profess to have, Jesus calls people to rise up to the dispositions the many laws are suppose to instill. They both challenge people to authenticate what they profess to have and believe, with

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