Gattaca, By Andrew Niccol Essay

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The science fictional movie, Gattaca, directed by Andrew Niccol is set in a futuristic society where eugenics are the norm and where genetic engineering has created an extreme social divide. The film follows the story of Vincent Freeman, a genetically inferior member of society who takes on the role of genetically superior man in order to reach his goals and find freedom from the identity with which he was born. The parents of modern society should not be allowed to modify their children’s genes because of the possibly devastating effects on unborn child. Humanity cannot begin to comprehend the incredible, prospective medical benefits for the child or the future but since we as a species do not yet know the future of this technology the potential harms of it upon modern society will cause more damage than any currently known benefits. Genetic engineering is a new medical advancement about which little is known but one proven fact is that it could have horrible effects on the child.

Parents should not have the ability to modify the genetic features of their children because the process could have significant harms on the child such as drastic personality changes, loss of individuality and even mental health disorders. “There is a huge risk that we may produce physical changes, or even change the child’s personality” (Bionet). The fact is that humanity does not have enough information to properly disclose the potential harms of genetic engineering on our children. “Animal…

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