Gattaca, A Strong Example Of Science Fiction Genre Essay example

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‘Gattaca’ is a strong example of science fiction genre. Andrew Niccole’s film explores a society in which science, genetic engineering and perfection are worshipped and has successfully divided people into ‘valids’ and ‘invalids’ based on a reading of their DNA . This film acts as a kind of lesson for current audience , because it depicts a future corrupted by technology .Gattaca focus on the futuristic use of technology to determine the future of an individual by their DNA extracted from birth and the implications it has .The increased focus on technology has decreased the human element, and values have changed.

The opening epigraphs, “I not only think that we will tamper with Mother Nature, I think Mother Nature wants us to (William Gaylin)”, and “Consider God’s handiwork; who can straighten what he hath made crooked (Ecclesiastes 7:13)” offer insightful philosophies on “the not too distant future’ demonstrated in Gattaca. Gaylin shows the obvious temptation in tampering with technology, yet Ecclesiastes emphasises the impossible task of creating perfection.

The first scene of ‘Gattaca’ creates an instant sense of success and determination, while maintaining a strong atmosphere of uncertainty. The scene begins with a criticised shot of the interior of ‘Gattaca’. The crisp white walls, artificial light and minimalistic decorations indicate the structured and rigid nature of the society, as there is no room for imperfections. An establishing shot indicates hundreds of…

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