Gattac A Film Directed By Andrew Niccol Essay

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Gattaca is a movie directed by Andrew Niccol, the main characters in this production are; Vincent Freeman, Jerome Morrow, Irene, and the Gattaca officers. In this production Vincent has always dreamed of traveling to outer space, he is unable to achieve this dream because his status as a genetically inferior was “invalid.” He decides to purchase the genes of Jerome and becomes a part of the GATTACA space program to try and achieve his dream, where he falls in love with Irene. An inspection on the death of a Gattaca officer makes achieving his dream more complicated than expected. Gattaca depicts a future in which genetically enhanced people are superior, viewing the other people only fit to clean up after them. The future depicted in this movie is becoming a reality in scientific technology. Genetically engineering offspring is the process of adding new DNA to the organism. The first step to genetically create offspring is to remove the DNA from the donors organisms, this is accomplished by using restriction endonuclease enzymes. These are enzymes that chop the DNA molecule in a certain place, then scans the molecule looking for a particular sequence. The second step in the scientific process is to prepare a vector molecule, this helps transport the DNA into the host cell. The third step is joining the new gene with the bacterial plasmid by using enzymes called DNA ligases which help join the DNA together. The final step is to subsume the engineered DNA into the cell it is…

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