Garden Of Eden Allusion Analysis

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The Garden of Eden
A group of British schoolboys find themselves stranded on an island where they land as innocent boys and turn savage. The allegory Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, has many strong allusions connecting directly to the bible. Looking at the island, Simon, and Jack connections are made between the stories of God and the novel Lord of the Flies.
The Island that the British boys are stranded on is a direct allusion to the Garden of Eden in Genesis. Throughout the time the boys are on the island, many events occur that are also seen in the Garden of Eden. When Ralph first steps off the plane and sees the island “covered in flowers and trees” the boys are young and innocent (Golding 35). Ralph is on the banks of the ocean
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Simon is seen throughout the novel hiding away and wanting to be alone to be at peace with himself and nature. This behavior is said to be odd by the other more unmature boys. Especially since he sees no desire to kill others animals just out of pure pleasure and rather recognizes the beauty the nature of the island has to offer. Just as Jesus had been a man of mystery for his time; he went against people 's beliefs. Jesus is tempted by the devil during the forty days and forty nights of being alone in the desert during the new testament which allows his morals to show through. This event in biblical history has a direct correlation to Simon being tempted by the Lord of the Flies saying “you better go and run off and play with the others” trying to convince him to not find the truth about the dead parachutist (Golding 157). Just as Jesus did he did not give in to the temptations of evil and went and discovered the truth. Simon is one that many of the littluns are looking up to for help and guidance. Simon would find them “the fruit they could not reach” and “passed [the fruit] back down to the endless, outstretched hands”(Golding 57). This is similar to how Jesus fed “five loaves and two fish” the masses of starving people in the book Mark (Mark 6:30). Simon throughout the time on the island is in search of truth especially when he climbs the mountain to see really who …show more content…
Judas is tempted by materialistic things over his devotion to Jesus. The reason Simon is killed is under the leadership of Jack chanting “Kill the beast. Cut his throat. Spill his blood” (Golding 89). He betrays Ralphs rules which were the “only things they’ve got” (Golding 79). This brings out the evil amongst all the boys especially the littluns. Jack becomes corrupt through power and loses sight of the goal, to leave the island. Judas also loses sight of what truly matters in life. Does materialistic things such as money mean more than devotion and faith to the Lord? As the boys leave the island they all realize what they have turned into, ruthless savages that kills not one but two boys. All their innocence is completely lost, just as Satan had taken over Judas. They had both become people who had put faultless humans to death. The correlation is nearly exact being that Judas is responsible for Jesus’ death and Jack is responsible for the death of Simon. Looking at the island, Simon, and Jack connections are made between the teachings of God and the novel Lord of the Flies. Lessons are taught through the physical and spiritual journeys people go through with the confrontation of pure evil. Some like Jesus and Simon are put to death as a result of evil. Others such as Judas and Jack are being tempted by evil and lose their moralistic values and are ashamed of who

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