Gangs Are Caused By Greed And Peer Pressure Essay

1018 Words Dec 4th, 2016 5 Pages
On the surface, gangs are caused by greed and peer pressure. After all, everyone loves to earn money and the way gangs earns there is by extortion, drugs, robbery, and even prostitution. Everybody loves to feel a sense of security as well. This is especially true in such dangerous areas like the ghettos of the inner city. Gangs, without a doubt, provide protection from other gangs as well. As long as gangs provide protection and monetary rewards and a sense of belonging not found at home they will continue to draw in children and young adults who seek that these basic needs be met. It can be from drugs or the violence aspect of it. The violence in a gang is important because the more violent the gang, the more powerful it is. It like a show of force and it instills fear in those around the gang and to anyone who tries to cross them. As the gangs continue to grow, the violence gets worst. The more members they have, the more problems they cause. They have to support all their members, so they expand their drugs sales, robberies and their prostitutions to have more income coming in to support their members. Society looks down on gangs because they believe they are so violent and they are always up to “no good”! The negative images of gangs continue to be exposed by the media. Every time you see a gang related incident, it is always negative or violent. A lot of Americans believe everything that comes on the news. Gangs and gang’s violence may have serious…

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