Gang Violence Essay

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Gangs can make one’s life more difficult by controlling how they live and who they interact with. Gangs are able to convince its members that the gang is their only real family. A gang membership will create broken family relationship as gang members do not consider their biological family as their real family, (Curry). Their gang members make it seem as if they are more important and as a result, this creates broken homes. Gang members rely on their family to support them financially, (Curry). This means that they need money to fulfill their duties as gang members. This includes anything from buying drugs to illegal firearms. Gang members are in and out of jail frequently therefore, their family members are subjected to paying the amount required …show more content…
Escaping a life of crime can be very challenging specially for gang members. Other criminals are able to stop their behavior because they were the ones controlling themselves. gang members are controlled by others and they are very committed at first. However, once they realize that what they are doing is wrong they try to quit their gang. A person may think that once they leave their gang, it is all over but that is not always the case, (“So You Think You Want to Join a Gang?”). Gang leaders will still try to contact a former member to get them back in the gang. They will try to convince a former member that they can make more money by coming back. In reality, they just want them to commit more crimes that will help the gang. When a person leaves a gang their intentions are still the same at first. They have the same intentions to break the law and cause trouble. Research has also shown that controlling emotions for former gang members is difficult at first, (Muller). When someone leaves a gang, they still have contact with gang members. They can be manipulated into getting back in gang activity. This can make it hard for someone who has left a gang, because they are constantly tempted to go back. Furthermore, this shows that a gang can affect someone negatively even when they leave. Gang membership leads individuals into a life of crime that they can never take back. Gang members have to do illegal activities in order to stay in the gang. A gang membership comes with a life of crime that affects an individual’s lives in a negative

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