Essay about Gang Violence : A Huge Problem

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Gang violence in America is a huge problem but Canada’s gang population has become a strong issue with the tremendous amount of groups they have reached. A youth gang is an association including various amounts of people who are a part of criminal activity and who have created a group identity. These groups usually are formed in places that have people facing disadvantages and inequality within their community. Gangs deal with a high usage of drugs, weapons and violence. Youth gangs have become a huge issue and include people between the ages of twelve and thirty years old. The violence they portray is in result of how they have been treated when they face inequality in their communities in which they then come together and form this gang to create violence. People who grow up with a positive school and community aren 't joining these gangs meanwhile people growing up dealing with racism, sexual assault, family violence, low education systems and many more issues explain why these groups are formed and why these people are likely to join. A huge problem within these gangs is the involvement of women. Usually the only reason they join is because they have a relationship with one of the members whether it is a family member or boyfriend involved. These women are treated badly and are used for prostitution and sexual trafficking. The difference between prostitution and trafficking is that trafficking is a form of slavery. These families force them in because it is a way for…

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