Essay about Gang Life : An Insider 's Journey, By Robert J. Duran

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The book, Gang Life in Two Cities: An Insider’s Journey, by Robert J. Durán to be put simply, is about the gang life in Denver, CO and Ogden, UT. Durán created this book to share his research findings. When Durán moved with his family to Huntsville, UT (but went to school in Ogden) he found himself immersed in an area where gangs were becoming popular. Durán, an ex-gang member himself was curious on how and why gangs operate. He found this research important, because he saw firsthand how society had a role in the formation of gangs. Durán felt that it needed to be brought to light what he witnessed, while being a gang member himself, and when he conducted his research. This book was different than other literature that had been produced, because Durán was able to get closer and inspect the deeper characteristics of gang life and gang members themselves. This is something that other researchers in the field are not typically able to accomplish. It is evident that Durán’s perspective throughout the book was a conflict theorist. It was evident, because he investigated the role that racial oppression had in the development of gangs. Therefore, he wanted to evaluate society’s role in gang formation. This is a key proponent to be considered a conflict theorist. His perspective, and ex-gang membership history allowed him to be seen as trustworthy by all the gang members that he interviewed for this research. As mentioned previously, Durán conducted interviews as part…

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