Essay about Gang Leader For A Day

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Gang leader. Over the decades, severe violence and drug trafficking has brought a serious negative connotation to this term. However, the connotation could not be any further away on the spectrum from the annotation. Something that is shown in ‘Gang Leader for a Day: A Rogue Sociologist Takes to the Streets’ by Sudhir Venkatesh, The book begins with a background narrative of Sudhir so the reader may obtain their own viewpoint through his eyes and experiences. During Sudhir’s first week as a graduate student at the University of Chicago he suffers through several painful orientation lectures, where students are warned repeatedly to stay in the safe areas of the city and not to venture outside them. Almost immediately after being informed of the unsafe surroundings of the university, Sudhir decides to take part in conducting a study on the lives of African American citizens in “the projects”. Hilarity ensued almost immediately at this point of the novel as a moment is told of 25 year old Indian male dressed in a tie dye shirt and a ponytail walking up to a group of gang members inquiring about their day to day living habits.
There are a few characteristics of Sudhir that stood out from the rest. These traits and attributes include the absence of fear towards street gang related activities, this is an ideal characteristic which benefits Sudhir several times in the book. Another utility trait that Sudhir possesses is respect. Respect to the Black Kings street leader J.T. and…

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