Gang Culture As Well As The Issues, Stereotypes And Various Perspectives

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Unit 1 - Drama Exploration – Evaluation
For my Unit 1 Drama Exploration module, I focused on the topic of gang culture as well as the issues, stereotypes and various perspectives or attitudes relating to gang culture.
The first stimulus I was given was a collection of images of stereotypical gang members and scenarios relating to gang culture. At the start of the first session, I worked with Rhiannon to create a model of a stereotypical gang member as a reaction to the stimulus. Rhiannon acted as the ‘sculptor’ and I as the ‘dummy’ in order to create a visual emulation of an archetypal gang member. We decided to show a hand miming a held gun in order to present our audience with a commonly recognisable symbol of gang culture and through the use of mime emulating a weapon to incite fear within the audience. We used an angry facial expression on the ‘dummy’ to show the stereotypical ‘disaffected youth’ attitude of gang members as well as to reference the expressions of the gang members featured within the stimulus images.
If the ‘dummy’ were to wear a tracksuit or even a tuxedo (both stereotypical costumes of gang members) costume (a drama medium) it would make the ‘dummy’ more easily recognisable to the audience and thereby enhance audience experience, whilst the use of a weapon prop (a drama medium) such as a gun or knife could make the dummy more effective by increasing audience immersion and therefore eliciting a fearful audience reaction. If the…

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