Game Shop Inc Case Study Solution

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Register to read the introduction… 1No MCS is perfect. Some controls fail, and others cost more than the benefits they provide. Today we will examine a company that suffered significant problems. Could they have been prevented? If so, how?CASE WRITING ASSIGNMENT #1 DUE AT THE BEGINNING OF CLASS – NO EMAILED OR LATE SUBMISSIONS ACCEPTED.Case: Atlanta Home LoanAssignment Questions: 1. Identify the devices (controls) that Al Fiorini used to control his business both before and after he went back to school. Classify each control as a result, action, or personnel or cultural type of control. 2. What went wrong? Did Al use the wrong types of controls? Did he use the right types of controls but fail to design or implement them properly? Or was just unlucky: 3. What should Al Fiorini do now? Why?***Be SURE to tie in points from the chapters in your assignment!!! …show more content…
Assignment Questions:1. Why was GSI’s production quality control performance so much better than its billing performance?2. Evaluate the billing improvement effort and each of the elements of the system that emerged. Comment specifically on the billing scorecard, detention meetings, P-CARs, and any other system elements that you believe are relevant.a. In considering the scorecard, be sure to address the following questions: What are the scorecard's and each of its measures trying to accomplish? Are these the right measures? Does each measure add unique value? Are the measures weighted appropriately in importance? Are the business unit grades generally consistent across measures? Can any of the measures be distorted or gamed?b. Do you believe that David’s improvement efforts will close the gap between production and billing performance enough to meet project goals? Explain?c. Do you have any suggestions to improve the billing process? Explain.3. GSI’s ultimate goal is “perfection.” Can this system be used to achieve billing perfection as it is designed, or will changes have to be made, or might even a totally different approach be necessary? Explain.4. The Billing Scorecard is a results-accountability approach to address the problem, chosen because this company’s culture is “metrics centric.” What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a results-accountability approach? What

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