Essay on Galileo : The Aristotelian View On The World

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Galileo Galilei was born in Pisa, Italy in 1564 during the Renaissance.This was a rebirthing period in Europe started off in Italy for art, philosophy, and sciences. The Renaissance brought back many ideas from Ancient Greece and Rome introducing many scientists like Galileo. Attending the University of Pisa originally going to study medicine, he was taught the Aristotelian view on the world, later questioning it making way for many of his greatest discoveries. He was an outstanding astronomer, physicist, philosopher and mathematician where he played a leading role in science during that time. Galileo is probably mostly known for his telescopic discoveries, but one cannot forget about his marvelous contributions to physics. Some of the many include the isochronal nature of the pendulum, the principle of inertia, hydrostatic balance and the universal law of acceleration. Inspired by Greek mathematician Archimedes, it is said at the age of 19 at a Cathedral in Pisa, Italy he timed the movement of an object going back and forth by swimming laps and dropping balls and saw each swing and bounce to be the same no matter the displacement. According to William E. Burns(2001), “...where he established the the erosional nature of a pendulum - the fact that the frequency of a pendulum is constant” (p.110). However some argue this event is only a legend, regardless it helped make metronomes for keeping track of beats during music and timing pulses. Shortly after this Galileo…

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