Galileo Probe : An Entry Into The Atmosphere Essay

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Galileo Probe
The Galileo Probe was an entry into the atmosphere which was carried out by the Galileo spacecraft to the heavenly body, Jupiter. The probe entered the hot spot and then returned to the earth with useful information of space. The probe was 747 lb. And it was built by Hughes Aircraft Company at the plant in California called El Segundo (Russell, 2012). It measured about 1.4 meters across. The probe was devised in a way that it could sustain high temperatures in which the inner part was made of a heat shield. The scientific instruments inside were protected from the extreme heat as well as pressure that during the duration of its high speed to space. The inside part was scientifically devised due to the high speed that the probe was traveling at. The speed was approximated to be 47.8 km/sec. The probe entered Jupiter on December 7 of the year 1995 and stopped to function an hour after the landing. This excerpt is, therefore, going to discuss the construction, launch, operation, and the discoveries.

Construction The development of the Galileo probe involved a lot of instruments which included vast technologies. A scientific device which was meant to measure particles and fields were mounted on the spinning parts of the spacecraft. The power supply, antenna the control electronics, computers and the propulsion modules were also installed at space graft. The spacecraft also contained sixteen instruments which weighted 118kg were also…

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