Gail Borah : An Intelligent Man Essay

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Gail Borah: Gail is Wayne Westerberg 's longtime girlfriend and has been previously married and has two children from her previous marriage. She became close to McCandless while he was working in the grain elevator in Carthage.
Mary Westerberg: Mary is the mother of Wayne Westerbererg. Wayne had invited Chris to dinner and wanted him to meet his mother, who usually hates everyone Wayne brings form his work, however she really liked Chris. When Chris spoke about Alaska, Mary was worried and sensed that he might not make it back, but extremely hoped he would.
Gene Rosellini: An intelligent man, who comes from a rich family, that decides to take a over a decade long experiment. The experiment is testing whether a man of this century can live a primitive life. The experiment proved failure in his standards, that led to Gene Rosellini committing suicide.
John Waterman: A very talented mountain climber from Washington D.C.. Waterman became insane after a rough childhood with many adversities. One prominent reason that led to Waterman to lose his mind was, the abandonment issues impressed by Waterman 's father. Waterman was not only insane but also very depressed, he thought that climbing risky mountains would make him feel better, but actually made him feel worse. Waterman 's last climb was Denali, on what seemed to be a suicide mission, because he was never seen or heard from again
Carl McCunn: An amateur photographer who embarks on a trip in the wilderness. McCunn originally…

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