Gabriel Garcia Marquez

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Gabriel Garcia Marquez in chapter 10, 11 and 12, convey the Buendia family tendency to preferred solitude. All the Buendia family experiences solitude in some point of their life, to some members solitude brought peace and to other member solitude offered contentment. Most of the Buendia family members had been drawn into solitude or preferred to be in solitude, but according to Ursula all the children that were born into the family that were given the first name of Aureliano had the predisposition to preferred solitude in some point of their life’s. Colonel Aureliano Buendia had been withdrawn as a child, but after he returned from the war back to Macondo the only thing he desired was solitude. His used his shop as a mean to escape the world by making tiny golden fishes decorated in detail. He spends his days in solitude working hard to keep out of his mind the memories of war and the feeling of disappointment. Aureliano Segundo also experience solitude at a very young age. He withdrew into himself from society for several years when he started reading Melquiades books. Remedios the beauty the most beautiful women in Macondo can also be said that she also lived in solitude …show more content…
The Buendia family was destined to live a solitary and solitude life and we see this when fist the family moved to Macondo an isolated town with no access to the outside world. The move to Macondo marks the beginning of the Buendia family life in solitude. In some point or another all the members of the family, including the wives of the Buendia men’s they encounter a situation that will make them retrieve into solitude. Solitude did not mark in a negative way all the members of the family in the same way with despair and great pain because for some members it brought peace, for other members it brought contentment and in the innocence of other members of the family it brought

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