Gmf Persuasive Essay

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The human race is increasingly facing adverse situation that hinder it from evolving and moving forward. The most recent challenge comes in the form with the lack of sufficient arable land that would be needed in order to produce enough food for the ever increasing number of humans on Earth. According to the projections published by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the number of human beings on Earth is expect to rise above the nine billion mark by 2050. As such, there are those who question if such a projected growth is sustainable and whether there is enough space to cultivate all of the food needed by those nine billion human beings. Simply said, in the current state of agriculture, the Earth cannot provide the future generation with the required amount of food simply there is not enough arable …show more content…
As such, GMF yield a healthier, more nutrition, fruit or vegetable in drastically increased number of crops. However, there are some that insist that manipulating the DNA of fruit in order to enhance is an untested procedure that can have serious side effects on the human body as well as lead to some illnesses given the unnatural nature of the food that would be consumed. Nevertheless, seeing how much mankind stands to benefit from GMF in the future given the nutritious value and quantity produced, it is apparent that GMF stand to benefit mankind especially given the fact that in the future, the cultivation of GMF would be perfected in order to avoid any consequence on human health. Thus, it is believed that GMF are the way of the future, as such a development will enable mankind to sustain itself through an increased more nutritious agriculture.
To begin with, GMF are popular due to their increased nutritional value. According to the WHO (n.d.), the advantages of GMF do no stop at lower prices and better adaptability to environments, but also genetically modified foods have more nutritional value. In other

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