Future Trends : Business Plan Essay

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Future Trends If business’s want to grow they must be open to considering their global options. Dr. Ian Pearson. a renowned futurologist shared his views on the EY online website, what the business world would be like in the year 2020. He listed the “six most influential trends” (Pearson) that he thinks will redefine business success as we know it. First he states that with the “increasing political and economic dominance of emerging markets will cause global companies to rethink and customize their corporate strategies.” (Pearson) Each business must look at their business plan and determine how political and economic dominance effects their plan, and how they must customize their corporate strategies to fit in this environment. His second trend is “Climate change.” (Pearson) It is vital that the business plan include measures to leave a smaller footprint. Not only globally, but also locally. “Financial landscape will look vastly different.” (Pearson) Regulations and government will continue to increase and doing so will “drive restructuring and new business models.” (Pearson) The fourth trend involves different governments, and how they will play a larger role in regulations not only in the government sector jobs, but also in the private sector. Pearson list technology as his fifth future trend. Communication is at the center of this trend, making it available anywhere at any time. His last trend listed is the “increasingly diverse 21st century workforce.” (Pearson)…

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