Future Predictions For Gender Roles Essay

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Chapter 3.2 future predictions for gender roles in fashion and society 615 The outburst of androgyny themed collections, catwalks and brand updates, has lead opinions of gender neutral fashion to be seen as just another trend that will soon fade out of the fashion world. Although transgender models are featuring on magazine covers, catwalks and campaigns now as well as current gender neutral collections, it could be seen as a passing trend in the fashion industry that will be replaced by the next up to date trend. Fashion forecasters, WGSN, have a contrasting prediction for the nearby future, a megatrend for autumn/winter 2016-2017 having an opposing theme called ‘no middle’ emphasising the differences between genders and embracing the original male and female stereotypes of men being masculine and females being feminine.

“The key trend reports highlight and decode the overarching trends shaping sports. Here, the seasonal message of ‘no middle’ is explored through the contrasts of gender. Masculine and feminine are re-cast as natural traits are reclaimed and amplified, and androgyny is rejected.” (WGSN 2015)

The trend focuses on sportswear as it creates a clear clarification between genders through their body and build. Celebrating the differences in the male and female bodies, while encouraging body embracement with aims for both genders to become strong, healthy but mainly natural. Achieving this with recognition of what it means to be either male or female and…

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